Drunk in charge of a bus pass...

After an evening of eating, drinking, and talking I left the (brilliant) Indian restaurant and got on a bus I had not taken before, intending to change in the Highbury & Islington area. Sadly the champagne had gone to my head and I daydreamed all the way to Stoke Newington.

So I got off the bus, crossed the road and got another one back. But within a couple of stops I realised I had just used the last pound on my Oyster card (an electronic bus pass to you non-Londoners), had no cash and had another bus to pay for in order to get home.

Spying a bank, I hopped off the bus in order to get some money. But on arrival at the aforementioned, I found that I had in fact mislaid my card.

So I walked part of the way home, then got a taxi and woke up my kind landlady and made her pay for it.

Moral: don't try new bus routes while drunk xx

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