george's closing down party

Thanks for coming all of you who did. It was huge fun. The hardcore carried until about 10pm on Sunday. I had a few hours sleep before then. Some others slept here for a while. We've just finished the clearing up (13:00 Monday). Alexander and Ronan are pictured here. Ronan and Marco announced that they are now, officially, boyfriends DING DONG. Liz - if you could get Jo's pictures emailed to me I would love it. Try to make sure that your email program does not shrink the pictures when it sends them. So I'm off to Spain the day after tomorrow (10th Jan). I'll be back briefly on the 22nd for Simon's 50. So may see you there. Lots of Love George.

Rob wrote: Of course it is sad that George is leaving London, but he gave himself a good send off to see himself on his way. It was good to see everybody of course, and Jo took some pictures of George, (PG rated you'll be glad to hear), and hopefully with Lizzie's guidance, Jo will get them up on this blog.

It was also good to see Bill, who has taken up cycling, and bought a chocolate factory in Acton. He says that he has to sell £1m worth of chocalates every year, to break even, so if there are any chocaholics out there, I am sure that he would be delighted to feed your addiction.

Carrie came down from Oxford, and is looking forward to the new year, and dealing with loads of screaming kids in her theatre.  She and Jo went to the Tate Modern, where apparently there is an amazing spiral sculpture in the middle of the Fire Chamber. May be I should check it out.

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