Can Carbo, Figueres

Flew Stansted to Girona (1p + tax on Ryan Air) yesterday. Michael picked me up and we had a lovely fish dinner in Girona. Today I have cleaned the kitchen (they are messy here), cleared dog poo,  burnt some rubbish, been shopping (the fridge was empty), unpacked, helped Mat build dust proof room-ette in the kitchen, picked stones for Anat who is laying path.

Here's a pic of the lovely new path to my room. This is quite a new Can Carbo feature and lessens dust impact and is beautiful.We just finished dinner with red wine, preceded by a couple of gin and tonics. La la.

Update 30th July 2009. Can Carbo is up and running and lovely. The have a web site at Definitely worh a visit - the website and the hotel.

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