news from norbury

51 Baldry gardens Jo's house has almost been sold. Jo has exchanged contracts, and will move out on around 26th January. She is moving to a smaller house, with a bigger garden and a garage. Rumour has it that she will make half the garden a vegetable garden, so home grown vegetables will make Jo's momentuous cooking even better. Not that it needs to be made better, as she all ready puts many chefs in first class restaurants to shame.

skype is in it's infancy, as the benefit of it depends on being near your PC when the other person calls. But I spoke to George again for free, who is in Spain and was able to remind me of the loggin details for this blog. It would be good to organise a family meeting for for those with skype, so when the rest of you do get skype, as I am sure will happen sometime let us know on the blog, and we'll call you to, and we can set up a meeting with loads of people talking at the same time, and so on.

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