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Last week Imogen was in a long distance race at school (running round their playing fields a couple of times). The race was for her year and the year above. Three boys from the year above her took first second and third places and she came fourth. Last term she had been captain of her cross country team against other schools. Edward had also been captain of his team in his year.

Last holidays Imo taught herself to do forward somersaults on the trampoline so she can get right round in the air and land firmly on her feet.

Last weekend we played cricket against the village. Very unusually the result was a draw with both teams bowled out for 129 runs. Archie, Fred and Ted all played well, representing the spirit of youth. In the pub afterwards we learnt that this weekend's fixture is the product of a match that has been played every year since 1964 when Howard and Trevor were both twelve. There had been a few previous skirmishes between the family ad the Village when Dad was even younger than then.

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