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Yesterday I had another visit from our resident stoat.

We first saw it one day when we were parking our car in the garage and we saw this little creature looking at us from our kindling pile in the corner of the garage. A couple of weeks later I spotted it from my office window prancing around on the garage roof, a few feet away from me. It was there for about five minutes and I tried to photograph it but the pictures were very bad through my window panes. I did open the window to improve my line of vision but then it ran over right to the window, stared at me and then shot out of sight.

Yesterday it appeared on the window sill in front of me peering into my office for a few moments and then scuttled off along the sill into the brambles. I did grab the camera again but I was not quick enough to get a snap.

This morning when I came into the office there was a crashing noise beside one window and there was a gigantic hornet trying to get outside. I fetched a jam jar and trapped it so that I could leave it in the kitchen for the children to see while they had breakfast. I have now released it outside. During that process I used a four foot stick to transplant it onto an oak tree and I could feel its wings buzzing my hand, all the way from the end of the stick.

Yesterday evening I played cricket and things went unbelievably well. I clean bowled two batsmen and another was stumped while I was bowling. Also I caught out a fourth batsman. That tally accounted for two of the most reliable batsmen on the other team. When I batted things continued very well and I scored our winning run, hit a six and totalled 31 not out. In the pub afterwards I was called the  man of the match!

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