Ladycross School Song

I was down at Jacobs, and was in the loo by the pink bathroom, and saw this song on the wall, and it evoked memories from over forty years ago. Hopefully, it will bring back memories for some of my brothers. Sadly my skills don't include music notation, which is available on the back of the copy should anyone wish to play it. (Preferably on the adjacent piano rather than the loo!!!!)

Ladycross Laudes

Quam jucundum vocibus sonoris
Aedem Crucis resonare
Vurginis quae coeli sub praesidio
Omnem docet sapientiam

Fiat nobis haec salutis signum
Fiat lux aeternitatis
Nobis haec per cursum sit tutamen
Dum stet carina in portu incolumis
            Quam jucundum, etc.

Sicut omnes militant atheletae
Unus autem fert coronam;
Nostrum quisque in Artibus praesceptis
Victor laudari certet omnium
            Quam jucundum, etc.

Ergo, pueri, Pertonet per mundum
Christiani Vox Exempli
Ut in coelis vita perfruamer
Patris aeterna amplexi brachia
            Quam jucundum, etc.

Virginem precemur dolorosam
Ut, redemptos Morte, nos dignetur
Pater illuminare Spritu.
            Quam jucundum, etc.

Sweet it is to celebrate with praises
Ladycross, our Alma Mater,
Which protected of the Queen of Heaven,
Teaches us wisdom, human and divine.

May this cross of safety be the standard
This the torch of life eternal
This to guide our course with the certain beacon
Till harboured safe our ship in port shall rest

Ours the boys o’er other schools to triumph;
Ours to gain the power of prowess;
Life throughout in ever-present danger
Ours to exalt our Mother and He son
Ladycrucians let lives re-echo

With example’s pealing thunder;
So rest forever life enjoying
Safe in the embrace of God’s eternal arms

Pray we now our Mother of Queen and Sorrow,

Pray our Father that our souls are ransomed
Pray we now are souls once ransomed
Shine with the Paraclete’s resplendent light.


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