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I've been off in Thailand for 3 weeks. You can still be a hippy even when you're over 50. In fact, you probably get more like a hippy the older you get. We'll be welcoming David to the club this year. I spent about 10 days in Bangkok, and the rest on a quiet little island called Ko Samet. Bangkok is very busy and pretty hot even in winter. Thats one of the main reasons I went of course, to top up my sun tan and get over those winter blues. I also go there to spend some time with my friends Jeremy and Sam. I first met Jeremy in London in 1994. Sam more recently. Jeremy retired from 9-5 life in his late 30s. I have always taken him as a role model. Sam is a very amusing relic from an imperial past. He
Sam and Jeremy
regards all foreigners, especially Germans, with suspicion, bur often overcomes this disadvantage and makes unusual friends. Here's a picture of them in Khao San Road. Khao San Road is a traveller's destination. It has hotels for about £5 a night and the people going in and out looked quite clean and satisifed. Sam (on the left) was making a reservation for a nephew who will be travelling out there in his gap year. Jeremy and I returned there one night. I ate a fried locust and we drank JD and cokes from buckets. It's a party street.

Ko Samet is a relatively unspoilt island, it’s a 2,000 Bhat taxi ride and 1,000 Bhat speed boat ride from Bangkok (1,000 Baht ~ £70). You can go by bus and ferry if you're alone or on a budget. The day we arrived I had forgotten about the mosquitoes. I sat drinking with Sam and guy called Dominic in the evening on the beach. My legs were bitten so badly that they felt like my mouth after a very hot curry.

We stay at Tubtim. The sandy beach is about 20-100m wide depending on time and tide. My cabin is a further 50m from the sea, among the trees. Tubtim has a restaurant / bar, shop, 50 tables on the beach for diners and about 50 1-6 person bungalows among the trees. The food is good and the staff are cheeky and charming. We sit around all day at our table under our tree eating, drinking, gossiping,
Ruth and Nat
with the occasional break for a swim, sun-bathing or walk. Sometimes we talk to other visitors. We met Thais, British, German, Norwegians, French, Belgians, Canadians and more. It is extremely relaxing. When we left I was quite sad.

Its a 10 hour flight out and a 13 hour flight back to Bangkok. Thats a long time. I did not suffer any jet lag mainly due to an excellent party at Ruth's on the Saturday I returned. She was late for it (not the first time!) but we managed to find shelter with her neighbour until she got home. Trevor, Nat boy and girl and others of their friends were there. It was great! Thanks Ruth.

Back in Berlin I have just about finished sorting out the post etc when I was struck down with flu, or something like it. Welcome back to Northern Europe! But at least its a democracy with a relateively free press. We hope. Having  spent a few delirious days in bed I think I'm back in action.


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