Dry Martinis prevent ageing

We read with great interest in the Daily Telegraph, that Dry Martinis can prevent ageing and disease. In 1999, a group of students at the University of Western Ontario in Canada led by Colleen Trevithick decided to test Bond's preference in a series of experiments on gin and vodka martinis.

They studied the martinis' ability to deactivate hydrogen peroxide - a substance used to bleach hair or disinfect scrapes, and a potent source of the free radicals linked to ageing and disease.

While the detailed chemistry is not fully understood, martinis were much more effective than their basic ingredients - such as gin or vermouth - at deactivating hydrogen peroxide, and about twice as effective when shaken.

Could this be the reason for James Bond's ever youthful apperance and amazing vitality?

"Dry Martinis all round please! Shaken not stirred."

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