The field game

It was a hot summer's afternoon at jacobs, the other day, and Grandpa, Jim and I were all reminiscing the days of playing that epic eton game -  the field game. All of a sudden an idea struck me! We, the keeling's, should return to eton and take on one of the eton field game Xis! I am calling upon you, the elites of the Keeling Empire, to assist in this final conquest...

It would probably be one Saturday afternoon at around 2.30, and then we could celebrated our victory at the pub after! I know that I'm probably about to receive 7 emails which are all elaborate excuses for why you cant play but unfortuantely there aren't that many keelings around who know how to play field game, so you better have a really really good excuse.

It will be easy to find some teams who will be good/bad enough for us to play and it will be even easier to find some people to bring our team up to eleven. The field game season is between 7january and 18march (2009). In 2009 I will be in my final year at eton.

Grandpa said that he would be very keen if we did this and that he'd even might come and watch... and pay for a massive lash up after (probably).

So please, don't be lazy.. Let me know if you can play, and when would be a good time for you.

Your family needs you.

If you aren't quite feeling inspired yet... As the late Pope John Paul II once said ....

"To maintain a joyful family requires much from both the parents and the children. Each member of the family has to become, in a special way, the servant of others."

Please do let me know whether you want to play.

Lots of love,


PS You can find the rules of the Field game here.

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