The five great games of patience

Jim asked me (Grandpa) to make a record of the rules of the five great games of patience, together with tips to help the player to have the best chance of defeating the cards. He seemed to think that this was a pretty urgent matter. No doubt the reason for the urgency was the statistical possibility that the Great Reaper might prevent me carrying out this task.

The games are called Auntie Allis, Seven and Six, Uncle Remus, Senior Wrangler, Kings and The Triple Crown (which is a sort of bonus). You can read what I wrote by clicking here.

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  1. Won Senior Wrangler for the first time ever yesterday and proved that each pile of cards will end in king.

    To assist my win, I wrote out a table for each set of eight piles I had to complete and then used a pencil and rubber. I think it helped a lot. Grandpa would probably have called it cheating.