Judgement Day: 14/2/09, 11.00 am

Finally, at last, the news is out! I can confirm that the Keeling XI will be playing Eton's 4th Field on the 14/2/09 11am. and another slightly less relevant success story is that I've finally discovered how to make a post!

Its the date that everyone wanted.... its the date that no one thought we would get... its the kick off time (11am) that means we can play and then have a massive lunch and drink till our livers are like grandpas without having to worry about playing after lunch!

so now all we need is a team...

recruitment has officially begun. as it stands, i know that so far we have harry, simon, jim, george and myself. 5.

so please feel free to book your place in the keeling XI. so probably just write something on this blog if you want to play or email me archiekeeling@hotmail.co.uk . but i will be making really over excited phone calls all over the shop in the next few weeks, so beware!... you better have a dam good excuse not to play..

lots of love, archie.

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