Local sporting news from Somerset

Imogen, aged 9, competed in her school's long distance race for her year and the year above her. She finished sixth overall and second within her own year. She was the fastest girl out of both the years. A couple of days later she took part in the Somerset Primary Schools long distance race with about 60 competiitors and finished tenth and was the first girl to cross the finishing line.

Flora, aged 7, is the youngest pupil in her year and took part in her year's cross country race at school. She finished sixth and was the second fastest girl. (The fastest girl was Harriet Fox who is a second cousin of Jim and Emma's children, I think).

This year Arthur is playing in the B team of the Somerest under 14 hockey squad.

Edward should be competing soon in his school cross country race which he has previously won, but is off games, recovering from in growing toenail operations. However 'Fur Elise' is sounding beautiful from the piano at the moment, which Edward is playing (with his fingers).

very good to know that Imo, Flora and Arthur don't get their sporting genes from me.

Posted by: rob | January 30, 2009 at 12:07 PM

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