I’m having a lovely week with Ruth, Trev, Mum and Dad at the Yeti. The first day it was sunny but the snow was a bit scrapey. It has been very cold here but it hadn’t snowed for 3 weeks. After lunch Grandpa tripped on the third stair from the bottom out of the restaurant. I was right behind him and could do nothing. He executed a beautiful 180 degree turn and landed neatly on his back laughing and demanding to be picked up. Philippe and I raised him to his feet and he was none the worse for wear. The photo shows Dad, Mum, Philippe minutes later.

The next day it snowed hard and the weather was pretty foul. I was with Trevor coming down the Saulire on that ghastly shoulder. I lost him and my hat in the blizzard conditions. My head froze and I had to stop, hold my head and nearly cry several times. Luckily Trevor didn’t see this shameful behaviour. He boarded merrily down to the bottom and came back up to meet me for our lunch rendezvous at the half way station. As usual Mum and Dad are funding excellent lunches.

Yesterday  was better. There had been a good snowfall during the night and my children insisted that we get up early to get the best of the snow. We got half way up the Saulire (Saulire 2 was closed) and skied Georges Mauduit. Then we went towards Mont Vallon. At the bottom of the Mont Vallon at 11.25 we got a message from Philippe to meet us for lunch in La Soucoupe  in Courchevelle at 1. We decided that we still had time to do Mont Vallon and get to La Soucoupe in time. We made it with 5 minutes to spare and had a delicious lunch. I skied with Granny and Grandpa in the afternoon – very relaxing.

Today was even better. More snow in the night and sunny weather today. And this evening it’s snowing again. Yum yum.

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Trev at one of the famous lunches with elaborate eclairs

Smoking is a bit inconvenient. George is cutting down.

Granny Grandpa Philippe
Sounds great fun
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