5 years old

8brothers has just turned five year old! To celebrate I've put up a fascinating optical illusion at the bottom of this post. It may have something to do with the semi conductor current flow. And, apart from the great new banner, a few other things have happened:

I've had a membership drive recently and we've got 8 new subscribers bringing us to 32: Archie, Siobhan, Tom the older, Polly, Issie, Josh, Kate and Dr Trevor. Welcome to the great 8brothers blog! Everybody can post stuff up here to tell us about what you are up to or beg for money etc. It's quite easy, even Paul can do it, just follow one of the links at the top left. Also if you want search for old articles there's a new search box at the top right. For example, type in Barbar, and you can find her diaries again.

Talking of Dr Trevor there should be a new one soon. Trevor the handsome has just started a postgraduate course at Reading University studying the effect of building design on the people who use them. He's already optimising M&S freezer layouts to buoy up the shoppers. I think that's what we used to call Feng Shui, but he's getting fully paid by his benevolent employer for the whole four year course. Result. So assuming he and Archie pass their exams we'll have three doctors in the family soon

Ruth the senior grandchild is getting more famous: She woke up this morning to hear her report for the Local Government Chronicle being broadcast on Radio 2. It was also in  the Mirror, the Telegraph, the Huffington Post and a large number of local newspapers.

And here's the optical illusion that I found on Google+. Look at the + in the centre of the purple dots. What do you see?
You can find out why that's like semi conductor current flow click here.

Bye for now!
Dear George, good news about the updated blog and all the positive info about the up and coming generation. SioBHAN spells her name differently from german roads. It is a widespread error that people make, but I expect you would prefer to know the facts. Lots of love, Tom.

Posted by: Tom the older | November 28, 2011 at 10:04 AM

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