Grave matters

Being at Jacobs it was time to revisit the grave of my grandparents. Mum and Dad gave me directions and twice I failed to find the flat grave stone 'slightly to the right of the path from the lychgate and behind the church'. The third time I walked from Jacobs, met my Mum there and she showed me. Better directions would have been 'Walk down the path on the left of the church, continue after it ends over some grass and between some very old graves and it is just after the next path you come to'.  In case anybody else is seek-disabled, here is a map. The yellow dashed line is the clue to 1) Sir John and Lady Keeling's resting place. Their oldest son is also in a much better marked graved at (2). It took me 40 minutes to walk from Jacobs via the park field, Hurst lane, Churchland lane, then right after Killingan wood across some fields. You can enter the cemetery by Jacobs gate, apparently so called because the people from Jacobs always walked that way to church.
PS you can click the pic if you want a bigger view. And google map here.

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