7 Days to go

Having made contact with the Sedlescombe High Command today, there has to be reasonable cause for doubt about next week's crucial fixture.  We have agreed to discuss the matter again next week before Wednesday, at which time I will update you all.  There was one telling statistic came out of the conversation and that was that they have yet to play a match on the ground this year!  I went round to Jacobs today and decided to take a small detour and review the pitch for myself (see below)......

It's clearly not looking that healthy!!  Infact the football goals they have up all around the square look altogether more suitable for the conditions.  It is quite clear that they require unrelenting, Saharan like sunshine from now 'til then, but I will update later this week, so watch this space.  Currently, and amazingly considering the Noah like weather we are having, the match is still on.

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