Rallying news

Some news from Somerset. Edward and his seven friends have completed their 1,000 mile bike ride from Trafalgar Square to Casino Square in Monaco, arriving after thirteen days on the road and camping all the way through France en route. Ironically they had to push their bikes for the very last bit because it is illegal to ride a bike in Casino Square and there are masses of police who patrol the streets there. I drove their support vehicle all the way and I was very impressed by the strength of all of them completing their daily ride, coping with mechanical breakdowns and camping each night. Four of the lads have their father serving in the navy, army or air force and they have raised nearly £15,000 sponsorship for SSAFA which is a charity that supports injured servicemen and their families. Many thanks to everyone who supported that.

Arthur is pushing on from Almaty in Khazakstan now, after staying with Alice for a night or two. He is aiming to cross into Russia briefly and then drop down into Mongolia and head for Ulaan Battoor which is the destination for him and his buddy in their Nissan Micra and that will put about 10,000 miles under their belts. Then they are aiming to drive home, mostly through Russia before hitting western Europe again. Alice, thank you for harbouring them and also your very kind message since their departure. Tom

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