Jacobs farm photo albums: 1947 From Loveday

These photos are from an album given by Loveday Hudson, Granny's oldest sister, to Granny in 1947. Some were taken in Sweden where they stayed with the Krügers. Ingela (née) Krüger was a good friend of Granny's and I went to stay with her in about 1966. I remember her son Lars very well. If anybody has any contact with those Swedes, please forward this to them.

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The album features
On page 2: Taid & Nain (pronounced Tide & Nine). These were the pet names of Trevor & Alice Williams, Barbar's parents, so my (George's) great grandparents.
Hudsons: Philip, Loveday, 'Nanny', Jonathan (Loveday's oldest)
Cherry (Granny's middle sister), Jenifer (Granny, the youngest of the three sisters) and David her brother, the oldest of the four)
Barbar (their mother)
Keelings: Johnny (Grandpa's older brother), Cally his sister, Grandpa (Mike), Dot and Jack his parents.
Gunilla, Ingela, Helen, Herr & Bjön Krüger
Mark and Bea Lubbock
Tony, Biddy, Barbara, Charles, James and Biddy Hanbury-Williams
Clio Burke, Angela and Eustace Guiness, Simon Grisby, Bill Young, Adrian House, Angela Caroe, Morran, 'Workers flats in Stockholm' and a few more.

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  1. I have enjoyed looking at these photos and have sent a link to Alice who is Ingela's daughter. I will show them to my Mum when I next visit her and Dad.
    x Alex (Cherry's younger daughter.)