Jacobs farm photo albums: 1948 -1953 JBK photos including three weddings and two births

This album by Granny ran for five years from 1948 -1953 and includes Cherry (Granny's sister) and Bill's wedding, her and Grandpa's wedding and the births of Robert and Trevor. Plus other weddings.
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The album features

Gibbs / Hudson / Palmer 
Barbar Gibbs, (Granny's mother)
Granny's Grandpa (probably Trevor Williams)
Dody, Nain (Nain is probably Alice Williams wife of Trevor)
David Gibbs
Loveday Hudson (née Gibbs and Granny's oldest sister), Philip Hudson (her husband), their children:  Jonathan Hudson, Martin Hudson, Christopher Hudson. Austin Hudson*
Bill Palmer, his wife Cherry Palmer (née Gibbs), Serena Palmer, Alexandra Palmer their oldest two.
Lena and Reggie Palmer (presumably Bill Palmer's parents)

Lady Dot and Sir Jack Keeling (Grandpa's parents)
Johnny Keeling (Grandpa's oldest brother), Robin his first wife
Jenifer and Keeling (Granny, Grandpa). Children Robert Keeling, Trevor Keeling
Brian Keeling (Grandpa's youngest brother),
Cally Seitz (née Keeling) including an appearance on the front page of the Evening Standard
Mary Grayson (now Blakesley) Grandpa's cousin

Friends of Keelings (that I have heard of)
Peter Gardiner Hill, Henry Hely-Hutchison
David, Mo, Sue, Peter, James and Charles Petri
Jim and Zuil Winterschladen

*Christopher Hudson informs us that Austin is his "Great Uncle - Sir Austin Uvedale Morgan Hudson. He was Barton (Philip's father's)  brother. He was an MP, and Civil Lord of the Admiralty. His wife left him on their honeymoon for a slightly racy woman called Mercedes [almost certainly Mercedes de Acosta one time girlfriend of Greta Garbo] - suspect she was after the title! He was great fun & paid our (J, M & my) school fees! He never married again - not altogether surprising!"
He adds more scandal in the comments.

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Gilian Hutchison, Joanne Hutchison marrying Kenwick Prescott 7/24/48
Auntie Alice and Guinea
Marcus Stedall
Tony Berry
Mr & Mrs Hanbury-Williams, Biddy Hanbury-Williams, Tony Hanbury-Williams, Bar Hanbury-Williams
Janny de Villiers Graaft
Vivien Naylor Leyland
Peggy Lagden
Esmond Sconce
Angela James
Elizabeth Bole
Bar Sutherland
Rosalind Stendall, Pat Ledingham. Betty Gregson Ellis, Celia Hudden, Bobby Corbett, Julia House, Fiona Corbett at Bill and Cherry's wedding.
Pam Norris
Timothy Guinness
Margery, Julia and Wilfred House
Gerry Crole
Ian Watson
Vera, a Keeling nanny
John and Ann Mann


  1. Magnificent work you have done on the old photo albums, they are a real treasure trove for everyone to enjoy.
    xx Tom

  2. I WAS aware of her employment of Archibald Hall... Very good friends of ours were 1st cousins of the Scott-Elliots who were later murdered by him. They told me about a Lady Hudson who had earlier had him as butler. we then made the connection. Small (and weird) world!
    Looking at Mercedes' page, it seems to me like it would be really unlikely that there were TWO lesbians called Mercedes that moved in that sort of circle in an era where there was almost 'no such thing as gay women'...
    From Christopher Hudson

  3. I am researching some of the historically interesting deceased with links to Lewisham ( SE London ) and lighted on your fascinating family history site. I noted the reference to Sir Austin Hudson MP -Lewisham North until his death & a reference to his widow ( with intriguing links to Archibald Hall ) but also to the poet/ writer Mercedes de Acosta.

    Do you know if the link to Lady Hudson and Mercedes de Acosta is referenced in any other source, as I cannot so far find this connection in what I have so far read on Mercedes de Acosta 'eventful life' or in her biography by Robert Schanke. Or was it part of the family lore?


    Mike Guilfoyle
    Vice-Chair : Friends of Brockley & Ladywell cemeteries

    1. Hello Mike, I had never heard of Sir Austin Hudson, Mercedes de Acosta or Archibald Hall until Christopher Hudson commented on this post. Christopher is Austin's great nephew. If you email me directly at geore.keeling@gmail.com I could put you in touch with him.