Rachel Williams: Graves and Family tree

Part of  Williams family tree on Ancestry.ca by Rachel Williams (log-in required)
Rachel Williams has left two comments on the web site (here and here) and since then we have been in contact by email. She is Granny's third cousin once removed, which may make her third cousin to the brothers. She studies the Williams genealogy and has made the family tree above and discovered graveyards where we are buried. St. John Baptist, Sedlescombe is one. She also runs a William genealogy website here. At the moment we are her top post.😊 I have updated the Links to other sites page with all the details, I hope. There is also a pdf of the pictured tree here.

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  1. Thank you, George. Any family member wishing access to the Ancestry site may contact me and I will happily make that happen. More information photos and documents are being added all the time.

    Rachel Williams
    Sidney, BC