Keelings vs Sedlescombe Final Result

Kev Henry, Edward, Arthur Tom, Josh (injured Captain), Simon
Jacob Schiele, Jim, Paul, Zac (man of match)
Missing: Pol, Ted
The final score was Sedlescombe 201 for 7, Keelings 145 all out. A little better than the 210-145 reported earlier. Zac was the man of the match being the last man standing with 39 not out and he took two wickets. Paul made a stunning caught and bowled with a dive against their opening batsman. History was made by Polly the first ever female on the Keeling side who opened and scored 15 and more history from Jacob, the first German to have played for us.

The games continued later at the Brick Wall where Van gave a great performance of Bohemian Rhapsody accompanied by Kev. We played that game in the hotel garden but I think we are are welcome back. There was more singing and dancing back at Jacobs round the pool and on the patio where Van and Kev did an encore. I did not witness much at the pool. Can't wait for next time, George!
Keeling batting (second)

Sedlescombe batting (first)
Thanks to Ruth for photos and real time reporting. Apologies from George for dodgy score book when Keelings started batting.

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