Jacobs farm photo albums: 1959 - 1961 JBK + bonus material

Now that Jacobs farm has passed into the hands of Jim and Emma I do not know what has become of the old photo albums that were there. Nevertheless they will be steadily unveiled here and kept for posterity!

This album of photos taken by Granny from 1959 - 1961 also contained a few loose photos (not from the same dates) in the back. It's amazing to see how few cars are parked in Albert Place where we live at number 11. Today it is bumper to bumper. When will it return to its beautiful emptiness? 2059? Hopefully before that. Click here to view all 37 pages.

Keeling: Dot, Jack (Grandpa's parents) Granny, Grandpa, Robert, Trevor, George, Simon, David
Keeling: Johnny, Jocelyn, Brian (Bri), Biddy, Sara (Grandpa's brothers and their wives and B's child)
Barbar Gibbs (Granny's mum)
Seitz: Cally (Grandpa's sister), Herbert (her husband)
Stewart-Wilson: Rosalind (Ros), Ralph, Lorna, Maria (Mia). Ros was Granny's cousin.
Bonn: Sarah, Simon
Backlund: Ingela, Alice, Lars
Sindons: Anna, Fred
11 Albert Place
Alexandra Cantacuzina (?), Miss Meadowes, Ann Mitchell, Charles Taylor, Peter Nalder, Justin de Blank, Peter Comyns
Nanny, Janet (nannies)
Dawes, the butler

Albert place We used to live at number 11
Dolphins Barbar's Seaside home. On the map it is the building with the grey flat roof. It has been completely rebuilt since we were there.
Hurst House and woods. Home of Grandpa's parents. Close to Jacobs.
Davos, Switzerland
Portmeirion and Snowdon, Wales
Trevor and Twinkle
South Africa

Twinkle, our first pet
Raj, a Seitz dog

In the loose photos from other dates
Scenes from a holiday on Canal du Midi in France including brothers Paul, Jim, Tom, Simon, David, George; Emma Gibbs, John Palmer. George as a hippy and fox hunting. Scenes from Jacobs. More skiing. Portrait of businessman Sir Jack Keeling.

Bye for now! George
Click here to view all 37 pages.

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