All My Friends Hate Me

Tom Palmer
Howard Palmer tells us that ...

Tom’s film “All My Friends Hate Me” is now or is about to be released in England through a distribution chain of cinemas called the PictureHouse Group of cinemas.

Go to and choose a cinema near you and muddle your way through to book tickets. From the look of it the Cinemas in London are geared up to showing it for a week from 9th June.

It is also at the British Film Institute Cinema on South Bank ) Belvedere Rd, London SE1 8XT) until the last week in June See and search the title of the film

It is a dark comedy – but I wont tell you much about it. Has excellent reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (93%) and (79%), and less good ones on imdb (6/10), all of which will tell you more about the plotline if you want to know it in advance.

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