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Some sporting news from Somerset. Recently the children's school has held cross-country races for the pupils aged seven or more, which includes Imogen, Edward and Arthur. The Keelings did very well, with Arthur coming in third and only beaten by two unbeatable athletes who ALWAYS win. He had come sixth in the same race last year.

Edward came first in his race and as a result was made captain of the cross-country team for a race against another school. That took place today and he won that race as well.

Imogen's race included her year and the year above her. She was the fastest girl out of both years. She finished seventh, only being beaten by older pupils and one of her contemporaries, so next year looks promising for her!

I notice that some of you put photos on the blog. Is the 'photo albums' tab at the top of this page the right place to start for going about that task?

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