Granny's 80th and Field Game

In order to get more support for the keeling field game match i've teamed up with granny and so now the game is also a celebration of granny's 80th birthday. Initially granny had no intention of celebrating her 80th but I persuaded her otherwise while at the same giving the field game match a bit of a boost. I envisage a family gathering of immense proportions; whole pitches wrecked under the foot of the keeling army; whole restaurants booked out along the highstreet as far as windsor bridge. So please! help make my dream a reality! grandpa promised me he would dig out his boots and play in goal if enough people got involved.

I have applied for a match but we don't know whether its going to be the 14th February, 28th February or the 7th March, which are all Saturdays around granny's birthday. If field game isnt quite your cup of tea you can still come and support and wish gran a happy birthday.

And also... could someone, probably George, wack this message on the KeelingBrothers website so that the Keelings, who's emails I don't have, can take notice and get involved.

At the moment we have.... simon, paul, jim, tom, harry and myself. And now that trev has found a new lease of life and is running up mountains I think he'll be dying to play too. And apparently george and david have only played the field game a couple of times between them. How exciting for you! I bet you can't wait to see what its all about! But even then we're still two short, so please spread the word amongst the keeling clan. if we cant get enough keelings it will be easy to employ a few mercenries.

I hope you are all having a great summer,

Lots of love, Archie.

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