Siobhan and I have have recently been victims of plastic card fraud. Of course both us had been of the view that this was a problem that other people suffered from, but no longer is that the case. Siobhan had her debit card used by one fraudster but fortunately she was alerted to the events by the bank and the problem was quickly solved by the bank at no cost and minimal hassle to her.

When we came back from holiday recently I opened my credit card statement and found almost £5,500 worth of fraudulent entries, mostly for flights on Ryanair but one to the Norwich Union for £2,503. I contacted the bank immediately and they cancelled the card, sent me a new one and eliminated all the unauthorised entries from my card, again at very little trouble and no cost to me. After the event the bank contacted me and asked if I wanted to pay for a new service they offer which protects their customers from credit card fraud! Needless to say I did not sign up to that one.

Now I am going through a phase of disposing of 'sensitive banking information' more carefully than I had previously done. Maybe this will become a new habit.

George: thanks for the postcard from Brussels. Great shop I agree, but like its sister branch in Covent Garden rather pricey, as you said. Sorry to disturb your decision making process this morning. Your encouragement has obviously worked for getting this post onto the blog. I hope that tranquility soon returned to your sun terrace!

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