Bah Humbug or Credit Crisis?

I know I have suggested similar drastic measures before, and the Christmas spirit certainly runs thicker with some of you than me, but the suggestion has always fallen on barren ground.

Can we not for, for this year only, agree to have a general amnesty on inter family gifts.

I know it is hardly the attitude and it’s the thought that counts and it wouldn’t be the same without it etc., but we could give it a go.  After all we might all still have a happy Christmas. I am fairly convinced that we will all survive the festivities intact with out the extra 7 presents each, and I’m sure the banking system will take a much needed boost from us not all buying an extra 20-30 presents apiece.

Looked at from the other side of course we might be held responsible for driving the retail sector into recession!

What are your thoughts?
In the Hardy family we buy only for our parents, our children, neffs & nieces under 18 and anybody we're spending christmas day with. We're very happy with that system.
Posted by: Carrie | October 11, 2008 at 03:24 PM

I thought that we had all agreed this, at Paul's instigation, a couple of years ago. Is Paul getting early onset Alzheimers? I plan to send no presents to my bruvs and sin laws, I'm even excluding older neffs and neeces ..... I think 21 is a generous cut off age. Maybe 17 this year.
Posted by: George | October 10, 2008 at 04:01 PM

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